Connie Jenkins
Mentor/professor/chair of my graduate committee and fellow painter Connie Jenkins with an Olga de Amaral piece in the Latin American Masters Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

In graduate school at California State University Long Beach, I belonged to a group of women artists who came to be known as WAM. We’d all taken a class called Women Art Makers (about women in art history) with a favorite professor Connie Jenkins, who always encouraged us in our work. The first informal meeting was held in my studio on campus and we subsequently kept meeting and exhibiting, visiting each other’s studios and even going on a retreat. As more members joined and younger members discovered the group, we offered what Connie had given us: permission to redefine and re-evaluate “women’s work” by encouraging other women in their creative endeavors.

Last year, WAM celebrated 35 years together in an exhibition that opened October 27 and ran through December 7, 2018 in Signal Hill, CA. It was great to see everyone again and it seems we may do this again!


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